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vNeuro Multi Skill SdnBhd (NMS)  is a Renewable Energy service provider, using breakthrough digital technology to perform internal deep cleansing to restore used hybrid car battery after firstly applying battery regeneration technology for electric forklift, data centers, golf carts, genset batteries.

      Our reconditioned hybrid car batteries solution provides the alternative by simply re-using instead of replacing  by buying new batteries esp for Lexus, Toyota Camry, Prius & Honda & Mercedes hybrid cars etc.

        When car owners with used/old hybrid car batteries approach us, diagnostic test is performed, then digital deep cleansing & restore to 80-90% capacity for sustain power to run the car.

        For this reason, customer is relieved of the pain of coughing out high budget to replace with new battery   pack. Car owner look for our solution to their battery problem largely because we can save hybrid car owners up to 50% of the new nickel metal hydride battery pack.

         NMS  has been willing to embrace disruptive process & technology for the market.

                1)       We disrupt e-Waste disposal by using anti-aging digital cleansing technology of renewable resources to pursue energy efficiency, cost saving and sustainable greener world..

          Pursuing Greener World………..



               2)      One battery regenerated is one less battery disposed. We can reduce the number of industrial batteries disposed for each year.

          vNMS is also an authorised distributor of GS Yuasa,Powerfit batteries. NMS is a service provider

          of UMW, e.Co-Axiata & Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment & Climate Change .